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  • A production company can enquire about a technician’s availability at any time. When holding the technician the production company must specify whether the hold is a quote hold, light hold or if the job is confirmed.
  • A hold on a technician will automatically be deemed a booking if not released 48 hours prior to shoot, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply.  Saturdays and Sundays are NOT considered working days for the purpose of booking technicians.
  • Production Companies are required to inform Agents if they have more than one technician on hold for the same position.  This especially applies when booking the job with more than one Agent.
  • If a technician is already on a first hold, but is offered a definite booking by another, the first hold has 24 hours to either confirm or release their hold.  Should the first hold confirm then cancel the job and the technician is unable to obtain work for the days confirmed, the full day rate will be charged for these days.
  • Production companies are required to release weather holds at 9am (or as close to this time as possible) on the day prior to the weather hold day, otherwise cancellation fees will apply.
  • If a technician is requested for a confirmed booking on the same day that they are held for a weather day by another, the weather hold has 24 hours to release or confirm the day.
  • If a production company intends to negotiate the fees of the technician – ‘do a deal’, they must advise the Agent when placing the hold and speak with the technician directly.
  • Charity jobs should be negotiated with technician prior to placing hold with Agent.

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